Re: I can't find a death record for death due to abortion #general

Martha Lev-Zion <martha@...>

I had a very strange thing happen regarding a death certificate which
stated that the death was >from abortion. Some very young woman tried to
abort her 7th child and died in the process. What was bizarre was that
the name of her mother, who was listed as the informant, was given as
HIMMELHOCH. Him[m]elhoch is a one family name and I know of every single
person living or dead who has/had that name. I could not understand who
this woman was. Also, the deceased was to be buried in a Christian
cemetery, which in no way matched the Himmelhoch family background at
the time. After a great deal of research, with the help of David and his
mother (whom I have not seen on Jewishgen in eons), we were able to
establish that the name was incorrect. Where on earth did they come up
with this name? Perhaps Mrs. Himmelhoch was visiting the department and
the recording details got mixed up. Who knows? The thing to remember is
that the least accurate of all resources is the death certificate. It is
recorded at a time of extreme anxiety and sadness where people's
emotions are at their highest, and their acuity is at its lowest.

Martha Lev-Zion

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