Re: I can't find a death record for death due to abortion #general


Ira Leviton <iraleviton@...> wrote:
"...However, because of the circumstances, it's also possible that the
deceased didn't give her real name to the doctor or whoever did the abortion,
or gave no name at all and the death was reported as something like
'Unknown white female.'... presumably burial was in a cemetery, and
the paperwork is somewhere, and hopefully with a name that's at least
similar to the real one."

To add perspective to Ira Leviton's posting, just yesterday I read an
article in the NY Times about a young Canadian actor who had died in obscurity,
found at:

This poor young soul, who died at only 35, was not recognized by the police
or the coroner at the boarding house where he was found on Nov. 25, 2007 and
so was buried the following March in a municipal cemetery.
His family only found out about his death recently.

So, this fellow's Death Certificate will never have his name unless the
family wants to pay a great deal of money to have it revised.

Shellie Wiener San Francisco, CA

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