Alexander B. JOHNSON (1786-1867) archives #general

JONES Etienne H.L.F.

Dear Sir,

Last time I put a request for help at your organisation I've been very pleased
having got after only a few days exactly what I needed (reading and translating of
some particularly difficult part of a Hebrew very worn epitaph). Also I just made
consequently today some small gift. Now - if possible - I would want to repeat
this good experience, although it should be in a much more difficult matter I
explained the purpose hereafter.

I recently discovered I'm a far relative of Alexander B. JOHNSON (1786-1867) of
Utica, NY, sometimes called "The philosophical banker", i.e. a 3g-grandson of his
London direct cousin Solomon JONES (1782-1853). And I just finished reading the
TODD and SONKIN's biographical book about Alexander, Ed. Syracuse 1977, where I
already found a lot of data about his "European" family - i.e. mine - through many
more saved correspondance ! But I'm sure there's much more information in his whole
original handwritten memoirs (abt 1200 pages !) and the whole correspondance that
has been saved (a.o. with his cousin Rachel JONES >from London, a Solomon's sister,
but also maybe with his uncle William JONES >from COPENHAGEN, perhaps with other

Of course, I could come to the USA for weeks or months and visit all University
Libraries that are in possession of some material (Cornell, Yale, Hamilton, . . )
. . But I wonder now wether I couldn't take an easier way by exchanging scans
or any other method with help of some kind genner . . . is it realistic ? For
example I mean having read there should exist an unofficial typed copy of
Alexander's integral memoirs (but I didn't find the reference back ) . .maybe one
exemplar would exist somewhere in Europe or would it be possible to scan important
parts of ?

I'ld highly appreciate any suggestion or help with as purpose a better knowledge of
my own ancestors and their way of life together with any clue for starting new
research here in Europe through those Alexander's Bryan JOHNSON's archives. Thank
you very much to everyone in advance.

Etienne JONES
Brussels born 1944
living near Antwerp, Belgium

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