N. American Jewish Community Books #general

Joseph Fibel

Dear Gen Friends,

from time to time when posters ask about books about Jewish communities I have to
send a reminder about a very good source.

At the 2000 Conference on Jewish Genealogy in Salt Lake City Joan Rimnon & Hal
Bookbinder made up a listing of over 800 books about Jewish life in North American
communities. This listing is indexed first by State, then by city. Some cities
have many different books. Titles, authors and publishers and dates are given.

A couple of years later the authors added additional books and arranged to have
this listing posted to the IAJGS site (iajgs.org)where it resides even to this day.
If your local public library doesn't have the books (and it probably doesn't) they
can always be obtained by your reference librarian on inter-library loan.

You can always scan or copy the pages which refer to your family.

Of course Google Books is also a great source.

Joe Fibel
New Rochelle, NY

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