Do you ever leave someone off your tree? #general


Subject: Re: Adopted children and other "sticky, family problems" on your
Family Tree?

Shalom to all Jewishgeners

My wife Ita and I solved "sticky family problems," on our family tree a
long time ago in the following simple manner:

All "blood," relatives, have an asterisk after their given name. My name
for instance Aizic * Sechter. Adopted children, people that marry into our
family do not have an asterisk. The same holds true to children of modern
day families (gay, single parents etc. if there is a bloodline they receive
an asterisk if not, they still appear on our tree but without an asterisk.

Another modern day "sticky family problem," in our Family Tree concerns our
Jewish religion. I emphasize Jewish religion and in no way are we trying to
degrade anyone who is not a meber of our religion. When someone in our
family marries someone who is not of our faith he will appear in our tree,
without an asterisk and the first two letters of his given name will be
capitalized, if his given name is Joseph for instance he will appear in our
tree as JOseph the same if it is a lady whose name is JOshephina, and keeps
her faith and does not convert and their children will receive an asterisk
through the bloodline of their father. But will have the first two letters
of their given name capitalized because of the faith of their mother.

This simple solution enables us to keep everyone in our tree.

Aizic Sechter

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