JRI-Poland introduces new tool to graphically follow families in the records of Poland #general

Stanley Diamond

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland today announced the "Surname
Distribution Mapper" - a tool designed to help genealogy
researchers graphically understand where their family names first
appeared in the 19th century records and visualize how the family
spread throughout Poland by decades >from the early 1800s into the
first part of the 20th century.

Using modern mapping technology provided by Google Maps, the
Surname Distribution Mapper allows users to graphically display
their search results using a tree icon to indicate the number of
entries found for a surname in a town's vital and other records.

By running the cursor over each tree icon, a user can view a
popup window displaying the number of vital record entries found
in various towns in the JRI-Poland database. Clicking on the
balloon brings the user to the familiar JRI-Poland search results
for detailed viewing of a town's entries.

Additionally, and especially exciting for researchers, the
Surname Distribution Mapper can display results for specific
decades or in a "progressive mode," where tree icons appear
successively by decade to give the researcher an idea of the
movement of their family around Poland and the Western Ukraine.

"The Surname Distribution Mapper enables a researcher to
experience visually much of what we had only been able to do
conceptually," explained Robinn Magid, Lublin Archives Project
Coordinator and long-time JRI-Poland board member. "Our goal is
to quickly determine where a person should focus their research
energy to obtain results beyond what the family's oral history
might recollect."

"JRI-Poland database manager Michael Tobias has given us the gift
of highlighting migration patterns and spotlighting probable
'home bases' for families. The Surname mapper takes genealogy
search results to a new level," she said.

The JRI-Poland Surname Distribution Mapper is now live and can be
initiated >from the "search database" link on the JRI-Poland Home
Page at www.jri-poland.org .

Visit www.jri-poland.org to read the announcement and begin using
this special feature.

JRI-Poland is an independent non-profit tax-exempt Organization
under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Under
special arrangement, the JRI-Poland web site, mailing list, and
database are hosted by JewishGen.

Stanley Diamond
Executive Director
For the Board of Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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