Re: Do you ever leave someone off your tree? #general

Joan S. Gross

I have never knowingly left someone off a family tree or out of a family
history. That is like telling a lie. Maybe I can be this cavalier about
the subject because only my children and a few very close cousins have a
copy. Also, I don't know of any 'bad' stories but, who knows, there may
have been. For years (and generations) no family member knew that one of
our relatives took her own life in the early 1920's. I revealed the story
because it was very interesting and would not likely upset of her
distantly-related survivors who do not live in the USA. I feel strongly
that all facts and figures and bubbemeinsas that you've gathered should go
into a family's history/genealogy report. If the tale is not on public
record, you should still let the existing family in on their history.

Joan S. Gross

From: "Debby Painter" <>
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2012 12:18 PM

I agree that we are products of our family no matter the circumstances of
these relationships. There will always be people or situations that families
are not too proud of "acknowledging" but they are family nevertheless...

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