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Alexander Sharon <olek.sharon@...>

Meron Lavie wrote:

I have lots of family >from Buchach, Ukraine (nee Buczacz, Galicia) who
definitely lived there >from at least the early 19th century until the late
19th century; yet I can find next to no records about them in any of the
JewishGen databases - despite the fact that I have very reliable information
about their names, years of birth, etc.
Buczacz records are available in Warsaw archives, but not all of them
are open to the general public, and this is a reason that with the
notable exception of Buczacz birth records >from 1849 to 1890, that
have been added to the JGFF system(s) during the duration of Jewish
Records Indexing - AGAD Project, the other records were not available
for the folks working on this Project for incorporation.

Warsaw based USC Srodmiescie (Registry Office Warsaw Downtown Branch)
lists the following records for Buczacz in their archives:

Birth Records: 1891-1942
Death Records: 1900-1915, 1917-1942
Marriage Records: 1907-1914, 1917-1939

As you can see, with small windows during WWI, Buczacz records are
complete, and available in USC archives.
Reason that records 100 years old and over have been transfered to
AGAD, is that all records and new once are mixed, one have to wait
till at least till 2039/2042 to see documnts transfered to AGAD
Archives to became availble to the general public.
But it should not stop you to communicate directly with Warsaw USC
Srodmiescie in order to obtain needed documentation.

Archiwum Glowne Akt Dawnych
00-263 Warszawa, ul. Dluga 7
tel: (22) 831-54-91 do 93
fax: 831-16-08
email: sekretariat@...


Alexander Sharon,
Calgary, AB

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