Re: Do you ever leave someone off your tree? #general

Anne Brest Photographics <digitalphoto@...>

I couldn't agree more with Ken PACKER and his views on Family Trees/Family
History, and found his philosophy quite fascinating and it made perfect
sense to me. Our Family History is indeed about us, who we are, and where
we come from. That is the "untested shurer" of everything we have been
writing about this topic over the last week or so. In fact Ken PACKER has
given me an idea, and that is to concentrate more on the details.
Personally, I find my own tree one big bore because it has names and dates
and only notes when it comes to my immediate family, which is what I would
now like to do for as many family members as possible. I also want to add
photographs for as many people on the Tree as I possibly can. A family
Tree/History is a life's work, I wish I had started this project when I was
about 13 years of age . I know people who started at 13, and 17 years of
age respectively , and they have the most unbelievable information.

Anne Lapedus BREST (ex Dublin, Ireland) Sandton, South Africa

Ackmene, Lithuania. KLOPMAN/KLAPMAN,Silmalas, Latvia). SHILLMAN, BENSON,
SEIDER Krustpils/Kreutzberg)Latvia. MIRRELSON Kurshan, Courland, Latvia.
BREST Bauska, Latvia. ORKIN Zagere Lithuania. CHAVKIN and CHEIN Zagare,
Lithuania. GILINSKY Daugavpils/Dvinsk, Latvia. GAYER/GAER near Chelm,
Poland. NASATIR (Lithuania)

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