Vital Records Translations Added to Panevezys Website #general

William Yoffee


Vital Records Translations in their original Excel spreadsheet format have
been added to the Panevezys District Research Group's Shutterfly website.
These spreadsheets and the record translations that are listed are products
of the Vital Record Translation project of LitvakSIG that was headed by Joel
Ratner who coordinated the entire project covering both Kovna and Vilna
Gubernias. A special thanks is due to Aaron Roetenberg who coordinated the
translations for Kovna Gubernia including the towns of the Panevezys
District, and to Howard Margol and Dorothy Leivers whose efforts on behalf
of the LitvakSIG Board made the additions to this site a reality.

The Excel spreadsheets contain data on births, marriages, deaths and
divorces, although not for all towns in the Panevezys District, and not all
four categories for the towns that are included. The 12 towns and the number
of spreadsheets listed are Birzai (3), Krekenava (2), Linkuva (4), Pakruojis
(4), Panevezys (4), Pasvalys (3), Pumpanai (4), Pusalotas (3), Ramygala (1)
Salociai (1), Vabalninkas (4) and Zemelis (3). Some of the data are as old
as 1844 and some as recent as 1940. Additional spreadsheets and towns may
be added as they become available.

Having these records available in the Excel spreadsheets format can be
especially valuable for genealogical researchers of the Panevezys District
(as well as of any District), even though many of the same data in a
different form are already included in the All Lithuania Database (ALD).
While the ALD facilitates locating individual family members or relatives
according to surname or town, examining the Excel spreadsheet for a
particular town and a particular life event, adds the possibility of
locating relatives who may have lived in the same or in nearby towns even
with a different surname (or no surname, as was often the case before the
mid 19th Century).

These spreadsheets are available to participants in the Panevezys District
Research Group on its Shutterfly website. Participants have access, for a
period of 5 years, to its Shutterfly website to research not only the Vital
Record Translations, but also any new data, including what are translated
and displayed in the Excel format, exclusively, for at least 18 months
before they are included in the ALD; also any data that were translated
previously. For further information on participation please contact me by
email at the address below or contact

Bill Yoffee

Panevezys District Research Coordinator

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