Name Changes database: NEW on IGS website #general

Lea Haber Gedalia <msleag@...>

Dear Friends,

Name Changes database NEW on IGS website
The names of some 300,000 Israelis who legally changed their name after
Israel became a country can be searched at the Israel Genealogical Society
(IGS) website at
The results are the name of the person before and after the change and the
date (sometimes only month/year) when the name change was posted in the
Yalkut Hapirsumim (Official Publications) of the Israeli government.
You must search for names using the Hebrew alphabet.
If you do not know how to spell a name in Hebrew, use Stephen P. Morse's
English to Hebrew transliteration at
The project was made possible by a grant in 2010 by the International
Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies
We hope this serves all family researchers

Lea Haber Gedalia, IGS Chairperson Israel

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