database uploaded at IGS web site: clarification #general

Lea Haber Gedalia <msleag@...>

Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends,

I would like to clarify an important subject related to our announcement of
yesterday -

The announcement related to the new database uploaded at IGS web site
"Surname change transcribes in the Gov. Publication Yalkut Hapirsumin "
which helps researchers follow name change in Israel between 1948-1979,
searchable at

Don't confuse between this Hebrew database and the database called
"Surname change during the British Mandate 1921-1948" published at the
Palestine Gazette , which was prepared by IGS for the 2004 international
convention in J-M , and is searchable in English only.

I would like to state that the new database [Yalkut Hapirsumim] was enabled
to all of us via IGS website, thanks to the decisiveness and willpower of
our member Amnon Atzmon, Chairperson of Ra'anana chapter and in charge of
PR. It is searchable at the moment in Hebrew only.

Chag Sameach
Lea Haber Gedalia,IGS Chairperson

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