US Censuses: What Happened if Nobody Was Home? #general

Meron Lavie

from time to time, there is someone whom I am searching who is missing from
a US Federal Census (I usually search in the 1900-1930 range), despite my
being absolutely certain of his address. I was scratching my head about
that, when my non-genealogist girlfriend asked innocently: "what if they
were out for the day?". Now, aside >from my already being irritated at her
for her family coming >from a more easily researchable shtetl than mine, I
was now even more irritated that she came up with such an obvious and simple

Indeed, since there was no "census curfew", and people worked much longer
hours then - what did happen if nobody was home? Was it the assumption that
all married women were at home all day and that unmarried men and women
always lived with their parents (and thus would be reported by their at-home


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