Re: The Use of "Jr." by Jews #general

Martin Fischer

Meron Lavie asked: "What is the likelihood that a Jew (born and living for
his first 8 years of life in a shtetl), would call his son, born in NYC
by the same name?"

My grand-aunt Caroline Fischer Slupsky and her husband Abraham Slupsky
of St. Louis, Missouri, USA, named one of their sons Abraham Slupsky Jr.
Caroline was born in St. Louis in 1874, and her husband was born in London,
England in the early 1860s but reportedly spent part of his early childhood
in Kempen, Posen, Prussia.

Abe Jr. was born in 1902. In the 1910 U.S. Census he was erroneously
identified as Abraham J. but in the 1920 census he was listed as Abe Jr.
In 1930, he was just Abe.

His father was a minor Republican Party politician in the Jewish neighborhood
north of downtown St. Louis who was often mentioned in newspapers around
the U.S.

While being interviewed by a news reporter at home in St. Louis for a July
4, 1904 article in the New York Sun, his then-youngest son, who was about 2
years-old at the time, entered the room: 'Now I'll show you something that you
won't find anywhere in Missouri', he told the Sun's reporter. 'You may not know
that the Jews all name their children after the dead. This is the only Jew in
the State of Missouri who is named after his [still living] father. This is
Abe Slupsky Jr. and if you can find anywhere in the State of Missouri another
Jew child that is named after his father, I'll give $100 to any charity
that you name.'

Martin Fischer
Oak Park, Illinois, USA

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