Re: Matzo in coffee anyone? #germany

Werner Hirsch

We often had matzo in coffee (mazzekaffee) for breakfast during Passover. We
came >from Aschaffenburg in Bavaria. I know others >from that town, non-relatives,
that still eat it. I've traced parts of my family back to the 16th Century and
haven't found any with roots outside of Germany, or even far >from Bavaria. The way
we made it was simple; fill a cup with broken matzo, pour coffee over it, add milk
or cream and sugar, eat with a spoon. (I just enjoyed a cup.)

Chag Sameach,


From: Ben Forman <>
As a kid my dad used to make me matzo in coffee at Pesach as his mum had done for
him, does anyone else share this tradition or know where it comes from, my
grandmother was a kindertransport refugee >from Germany born in Berlin, her parents
were >from Koeln and Posen respectively; I did look on Google and it says it was a
tradition of Jews in Hungary...

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