1940 Census: Tips for finding, Census printing, etc. #general

Jeff Miller

One of the tools available using the Steve Morse Unified Census tool helps you to
identify and to put in boundary streets, which dramatically cuts down the number of
EDs to search through. For instance, I found my maternal grandmother's listing by
putting in the front and rear boundary streets and then searching two EDs for the
street and address where she lived.

For a free program that enhances printing of Census, Ellis Island, and other
data >from websites, I use a program called Irfanview.


The steps I take to print a screen displayed on my computer are:
1. I depress the key on my keyboard on the top row for "Print Screen"
2. I launch the Irfanview program
3. I see a black screen
4. I depress Ctrl-V simultaneously
5. I left click my mouse in the upper left corner of the desired print
area and drag the mouse to the bottom right corner of the screen area to be printed
6. Under the "edit" menu on the top of my screen I select "Crop"
7. Under the File menu I select "print" (there are a number of options to try
such as Best Fit, etc., and also it is possible to customize a Print header and/or
Try some of the "print" options to see what works best for your particular

You can save the cropped images to your computer.

Jeff Miller

Searching: LAN(E), BECKER, BLANKFORT, and others in Panevezys, Vilnius,
Lithuania and Warsaw Poland
FRAIDER, FREIDER, in Kuzmin Ukraine
MLYNARZ in Ostroleka Poland

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