Clueless about the 1940 U.S. Census? Read genealogy blogs! #general


I follow many genealogy blogs which for months have been abuzz in information about
the 1940 U.S. Census release. So, I have been quite amazed that several recent
JewishGen Digest posters have been surprised that there is no index for the 1940
Census and have no idea how to search. By now, I'm sure that there have been
several posts on JGDG in response sending people to . The AP video
posted there gives a nice, quick summary of one way to search.

With an address (or approximate address) in hand, one should use the Tutorial under
the Census category on . Once one has found the Enumeration District
(ED) via the tools, one may link to the ED images on and browse
through until one has located the address. Or, with ED in hand, one may also
easily access the ED images via several other websites.

But really, self-education in genealogy is critical. And one of the least painful
ways to achieve that is to read genealogy blogs. Two of the most educational in
regard to the 1940 Census are and . Randy
Seaver's Geneamusings has two recent posts that are instructive:

Also see

To see all sorts of genealogy blogs, go to
I suggest scrolling down to the Jewish Genealogy blogs and looking at some of
those. One may find a blogger whose interests, style and tone are pleasing. I
counted 31 Jewish genealogy blogs this morning. There are several ways to access
these easily and regularly. One may put the a particular web address into one's
favorites. One may subscribe via Google Reader (or other subscribing tool). Or,
sometimes a blog may have a box for subscribing via email.

Emily Garber

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