Re: Matzo in coffee anyone? #germany

David Birnbaum

Hi All,

Regarding Ben's report on Matzo in coffee - we also have that tradition in the
family - coming >from my father who also was a kindertransport refugee >from Germany.
He, however, was first generation German (born in Frankfurt) - his parents both
came originally >from Galicia (with no Hungarian connection anywhere).

Wherever the tradition comes >from - it's something to look forward to every Pesach
for those of us brought up on it [and for those of us, like my wife, who wasn't
(notwithstanding her Hungarian genes...) - to fail to understand why anyone would
go near the stuff! :)]

Chag Sameach

David Birnbaum, Rehovot, Israel
Researching: BIRNBAUM (Husiatyn), RAWER (Dobrotwor), DRESNER (Ivanovka),
SCHARFSPITZ (Husiatyn), FEUST (Munich), MAINZ (Frankfurt a/m),
SULZBACHER (Mergentheim), NECKARSULMER Fuerth, MERZBACHER (Baiersdorf)

From: Ben Forman <>
As a kid my dad used to make me matzo in coffee at Pesach as his mum had done for
him, does anyone else share this tradition or know where it comes from, my
grandmother was a kindertransport refugee >from Germany born in Berlin, her parents
were >from Koeln and Posen respectively; I did look on Google and it says it was a
tradition of Jews in Hungary, so I wonder if it was a tradition which came to her
from the family who took her in in England (I do not know of they came >from Hungary

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