Esselstine family in NY and Ohio, Hohenberg in Chicago #general

Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

This may duplicate what Joshua already knows, but he gave us only one date and
did not indicate what records he searched,

First --- I cannot emphasize enough -- use Wild Cards in your searches!

Using wildcard searches:

Also, I did not use the spelling Frances, just Fran*s.
That would pick up both Francis and Frances.

1. 1850 US Census Frances ESSELSTINE:
Lists Frances born abt 1846, Ohio and parents Isaac and Mary as well as
4 other siblings besides Levi:
Levi Esselstine, 14
John Esselstine, 11
Jacob Esselstine, 6
Frances Esselstine, 4
Benj Esselstine, 2
Preston Esselstine, 0
The census also indicted Isaac was a farmer, was born in NY and that his wife
was born in Virginia.

2. City Directories
Elmira, NY city directory 1891 shows an Esther N ESSELTEEN (widow of Levi).

Fort Wayne, IN city directories of 1889, 90, 91, and 1914 list a Minerva
ESSELTEIN as the widow of Levi.
You may want to check death records for those cities.

3. In addition there are several unsourced trees on A. that seem to be for
this family and may provide leads.

As for the HALLO - HOHENBERG line:

1. 1906 Cook County Marriages (on line): Louise is listed as HOHENBERGER.

2. 1910 US Census:
Julius and Louise are living in Chicago.
Census indicates her birth abt 1881, in Austria.
They've been married abt 3 years,
Both were born in AustriaGermany as were their parents,
He's a lithographer in the printing industry.
His year of immigration is transcribed as 1905, but it clearly says 1904...
hers is given as 1893.

1920 US Census:
Julius J and Louise are living in Chicago.
Census indicates her birth abt 1881.
Julius works as a lithographer. Julius POB is now shown as Bohemia.

1930 US Census:
Julius and Louise still in Chicago.
Census indicates her birth in 1884 in ?Austria?, Immigration in 1894.
Son, Martin J, age 19, is with them and also working as a lithographer.
Julius POB is now shown as Bohemia.

1945 Illinois Death records (on-line): Louise HALLO, 63 yrs old.

3. After seeing HOHENBERGER in the Marriage Index, I looked for records under
Hohenber* -- but that brought up over 10K entries.
So I tried a different wild card and searched for Lou* Hohenber*
2 possibilities:
Louisa b abt 1878, entered US in 1905.
Louise b abt 1878, entered US 1904.

Yes, their son Martin did die in Florida aged 65

Tucson, Arizona

On Apr 8, 2012, at 9:46 AM, Joshua Bates wrote:
I am researching the Esselstine (Eichelstein, Eiselstein) line.
Right now I have Isaac and Mary Esselstine as the parents of a Frances
Esselstine. Frances was born in Ohio in/around 1846. Her brother Levi was
born in New York. Isaac and Mary are >from New York. I am unable to find
anything further on them. I assume it is due to name misspellings or perhaps
lack of immigration/census records.

I am also researching the Hohenberg line. I have a Julius Hallo, born in
Eichwald, Bohemia in 1884. He married Louise Hohenberg in Chicago, Cook County,
Illinois in 1906. They had one son named Martin Hallo born in Chicago but died
in Florida. Louise's parents were supposedly born in Austria. I am unable to find
anything further on the Hohenberg line. Any assistance would be great!
Thank you!

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