Help in correlating records - is it the same couple ? #general

Ofer Biran <biranofer@...>

As you all know, sometimes the vital records give us hard time in
correlation due to spelling variations, age differences, facts that
don't 'get along' and more...

Chaim and Zysla KREITSMAN (KRAJCMAN / KRAITSMAN...) are definitely my
4th great grandparents. They lived in Kock, Lublin area, and what I
regard as facts so far is their children Srul, and Sura Terca, and
their life spans - Chaim 1780-1855, Zysla 1796 - 1855.

Would like to get some opinions about the following 7 documents below
- are all of them talking about 'my' Chaim and Zysla ? Especially the
last 3, that might indicate they had also the children Enoch, Meir,
Lezor. I write for each document the translation I got, and my

1. Death record of Srul Krajcman
"Death #63 reg. in Kock Dec 21, 1899 of Srul KRAJCMAN, 83, from
Kozicwka, Lukow, son of the late Chaim and Zysla, spouse: Estera
ERLICH, 70, died Dec 21"
Srul is definitely my 3rd GGF - this record got me to Chaim and Zysla.

2.Death record of Zysla Krajcman -
"Death #11 reg. Jan 8, 1855 of Zysla KRAJCMAN, 59, dau. of Josef and
Itta, spouse: Chaim"

3.Death record of Chaim Krajcman -
"Death #25 reg. in Kock ? 20, 1855 of Chaim KRAJCMAN, 75, son of Abram
and Malia, 1 son: Szija[Srul?], and one daughter"
Is it indeed Srul and not Szija ? , if 5-7 below are correlated
children - no mention of them ?

4. Death record of Sura Terca Krajcman
"Death #31 reg. in Kock Jan 27, 1855 of Sura terca KRAJCMAN, 32, dau.
of Chaim and Zysla, 1 son: Szaja and one daughter"

5.Marriage record of Enoch Grycman -
"Marr. #8 reg. in Kock Oct 14, 1853 of Enoch GRYCMAN, 18, son of Chaim
and Zysla >from Kock to..."
GRYCMAN is same as Krajcman ?

6.Marriage record of Meir Grycman
"Marr. #8 reg. in Bobrownik July 20, 1849 of Majer GRYTZMAN, 21, from
Kock, son of Chaim and Zysla SZEJNBAK to..."
GRYTZMAN is same as Krajcman ? Zysla maiden name SZEJNBAK compare to
Rubinowicz in 6 ?

7.Birth record of Leyzor Grytsman
"Birth #8 reg. in Kamionka Dec 1, 1836 of Leyzor GRYTZMAN son of
Chaim, 53, and Zysla Rubinowicz, 45..."
GRYTZMAN is same as Krajcman ? Kamionka and not Kock ? (although it's
11 miles only), Zysla maiden name Rubinowicz compare to SZEJNBAK in 6

Thanks for your opinion !
Ofer Biran

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