mtDNA haplogroup I #general


Hello Everybody,

I am in mtDNA group I, and I'm confused by something. When I look at my
matches on the Family Tree DNA website, the names look like a list of
contributors to the UJA. And yet, Wikipedia says,

"Haplogroup I is found at very low frequencies(generally <3%) throughout
Europe, Middle East, and South Asia. It is nearly absent in parts of Europe
(Iberia, Southwest France, Ireland) and strongest in Iceland(>5%), Scotland,
Norway, southern Finland, Ukraine, Greece and western Anatolia. A February
2009 study found that Lemkos (a sup- or co-ethnic group of Rusyns) in the
Carpathian Mountains have the "highest frequency of haplogroup I (11.3%) in
Europe. . ."

Jews in Iceland? Lemkos? They are Orthodox Christians. I just don't get it.

At this point, there are about 75 matches in mtDNA group I. It looks like
just about all of us are Jewish. The only thing I can think of that would
explain this is the idea that perhaps Jews are more likely to research their
ancestry and send in DNA samples than other ethnic groups.

Anybody have any ideas?

My mother's a Galitzianer, BTW. My maternal grandmother's mother's maiden
name was Weintraub.

Jane Smith
researching Weintraub, Jungermann, Rosenreich, Wallace, Zeman,
Bogorad (or something like that)

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