Help fill in Gaps for descendents of Rubin & Minnie HONIG - WILKENFELD, EPSTEIN, LANSINGER, GORDON #general


Looking to fill in the gaps of my tree.

The parents, Rubin HONIG (b. 1865) and Minnie had 5 children:

Annie married to Samuel WILKENFELD
Pauline married to Max EPSTEIN
Lena married to Robert LANSINGER (child Mildred)
Tillie married to ? Hyman GORDON (1930 has her at age 31 single living
with her married sister Annie)
Jonah Hyman HONIG born 1894 died possibly 1977

I do not know if Hyman (census used that name in 1910..but he used
Jonah Hyman on draft and other source documents) ever married...

Michael Salzbank

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