Viewmate: Buchenwald documents translation request German #general

Mark Heckman

My father was part of the U.S. occupying force in Germany at the end of WW II.
In one town, in 1945, a man handed him some papers. My father did not speak or
read German and the man did not speak English. My father put the papers aside
and forgot about them until late 2011, when we came across the papers in an
old trunk. Some of the papers deal with the Buchenwald concentration camp
(so far as I can tell with my limited German skills). There are 8 pages in
total. I am looking for an accurate translation to determine if these papers
are of any interest to Holocaust scholars.

I've posted 4 pages, so far, to ViewMate:

Thank you for any help you can provide,

Mark Heckman
Davis, California

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