Trying to find someone who lived in Kamishlov City or Vinnitsa in Ukraine #general

Helen Nash May

Hello all,

My grandfather emigrated >from the town of Volochisk in the Ukraine in 1910.
He left behind 2 sisters, his mother and brother and other family members.
In 1941, they were evacuated >from Volochisk to Kamishlov city (Sverdlov
County) and lived on Komsomol'skaya Street. In the 1960's they lived at 13
Malinovskogo Street . I am listing this in the hopes that someone who might
have lived in those cities at that time, just might remember them. At the
first address were Max and Rose TRUGMAN later joined by Rebeka Trugman and
her son Izya. At the second address, Rose and my grandfather's sister Blema

Would greatly appreciate any information that anyone might have. We have
lost touch with these relatives. I cannot search for them because Max and
Rose had a daughter who married and had a son... but I do not know their
surname. I also did not know Rebeka's husband's name.. so I have no idea as
to Izya's surname, but he would be about 80 years old now.

Helen Nash May
Researching Volochisk: Trugman, Pertzelai, Persily, Baron, Shilman
Lvov: Noschkes, Fetter, Messing
Buchach: Landes, Eisner

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