Finding US naturalization information from notations on a ship manifest #general

Martha Forsyth

I believe I've found a ship manifest for a family on my first cousin's
mother's side. One of the names (Yitte Goldman, whom I believe to be
later known as Ettie Goldman) has notations about naturalization, but
considerable searching has not turned up any of the naturalization
records. I suspect I am not searching "the right way" but don't know
how to do it better.

The notation says: Dec 23 1940 229893 (515 Phila 3x37903) Natzn
The dates is stamped, the rest is hand-written. The manifest must have
been checked to verify Ettie's arrival information. I'm guessing that
the naturalization took place on Dec 23, 1940 (but was that the final,
or the filing of intent, or...?), the certificate number is 229892, and
it took place in Philadelphia; I can't guess what 3x37903 might refer to.

Does someone know, or know where I can find out?

Thanks -
Martha (Schecter) Forsyth
Newton, MA

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