A Surprise for a Lucky Few in the 1940 US Census #general

Laurel Presser

A few lucky people, who had family in the Bronx, New York in 1940, are in
for a wonderful surprise if their family lived in Enumeration District
3-371. Starting at the middle of Sheet 9 A, the enumerator, who must
have been a genealogist at heart, began entering, in an otherwise rarely
used column (column 19),Additional birth place information for anyone
not born in New York. So, if the person said they were born in that
annoying and all encompassing ;Russia', in column 19,the enumerator wrote
Latvia, Poland,or some other Russian Empire country, or a city in Russia.

If another country was given as the birth place, she gave the city in that
country. And, for people born in a state other than New York, she gave the
city in that state.

Of course, I don't know why she did this - it certainly was against the
instructions for enumerators. I've indexed more than fifty 1940 Census
pages so far, and browsed several hundred more looking for family members,
and this is the only time I've seen this done. While the chance of any of
us having family in that enumeration district is probably small, if your
family was in the Bronx you might want to take a look. If you family is there
you are going to get a bonus.
Laurel Presser, Manalapan, New Jersey

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