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"Dick & Martha Forsyth"
The notation says: Dec 23 1940 229893 (515 Phila 3x37903) Natzn
The dates is stamped, the rest is hand-written. The manifest must have
been checked to verify Ettie's arrival information. I'm guessing that the
naturalization took place on Dec 23, 1940 (but was that the final, or the
filing of intent, or...?), the certificate number is 229892, and it took
place in Philadelphia; I can't guess what 3x37903 might refer to.

For an explanation of these manifest markings, please see:

As you suspected, the markings are done as part of the verification process.
The "Dec 23 1940 229893" indicates that your relative applied on December
23, 1940 to receive a copy of their Certificate of Arrival. The "229893"
indicates that CofA application #29893 was filed in District 2 -- Southern
NY. Application for CofA was done prior to the filing of their
naturalization petition, but I do not believe that there was any set time
period -- I have examples that are anywhere >from one month to three years

The "505 Phila 3x37903" indicates that the verification was done in
Philadelphia and that a Form 505 (#37903) was issued in lieu of a CofA. The
"X" after the 3 means that that the applicant did not have to pay a fee.

Unfortunately, there is little information here to help you find your
relative's naturalization record: it happened sometime after December 23,
1940 and was filed in NY Southern District Court. I'd recommend either
trying to search naturalizations on one of the commercial web sites, or
using the information in the manifest, you can obtain the naturalization
record for a fee >from the USCIS. For more information, see:

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