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Martha (Schecter) Forsyth <theforsyths@...> wrote regarding
information written on her aunt's manifest page:
The notation says: Dec 23 1940 229893 (515 Phila 3x37903) Natzn The
dates is stamped, the rest is hand-written. The manifest must have been
checked to verify Ettie's arrival information. I'm guessing that the
naturalization took place on Dec 23, 1940 (but was that the final, or the
filing of intent, or...?), the certificate number is 229892, and it took
place in Philadelphia; I can't guess what 3x37903 might refer to.
Does someone know, or know where I can find out?

Martha should check Marian L. Smith' 'Guide to Interpreting Manifest Markings'
on JewishGen.
There is no better guide for checking the meaning of all those markings on

Clicking on the Occupation Column, will lead you to the answer to most
of your questions. The number 3 indicates that the Declaration of
Intention was filed in the Philadelphia area. The date shown should indicate
the date that the information provided on the Declaration was checked against
the information found on this manifest by immigration officials. The
certificate number you see is the number of the Certificate of Arrival
(not the Certificate of Naturalization) issued as a result of confirmation
of the information provided in the Declaration and shown the manifest.

Unfortunately, the number on the Certificate of Arrival will probably not
help you much in finding the original Declaration or subsequent Petition
for Naturalization. You should check within several years after the date the
Cert. of Arrival for the Petition of Naturalization (assuming she finished
the process of naturalization).

Check and Family Search
for Philadelphia naturalization records. If that fails, you may be able to
find what you're interested in by going through the file search process with
the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
Click on Genealogy located under Services in the column on the left side
of the page.

For an initial $20, they will do an Index Search and try to locate the file.
If successful, they will come back to you for an additional (optional) $20-35
to copy and provide the information. It may take a few months to complete the

Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ

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