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I am trying to find any record of my great-grandfather Ansul KRAVCHUK
who was a tailor in the area of Poland that is now Lithuania.

My father, Ansel KRAFT (Kravchuk) was born in Kossovo, Belarus in 1903.
His father was Abraham KRAVCHUK b. 1868 [not born in Kossovo].

Abraham Kraft's father was Anshul KRAVCHUK. Abraham's first son was
named Leizer so I believe Anshul's father to be Leizer KRAVCHUK, but
I have not found any record of this.

Abraham Kraft immigrated to the USA in 1905. His arrival manifest stated
his contact was his brother Hyman KRAFT. Hyman Kraft was born in
Veisiejai [54:06N 23:42E] At that time Poland now Lithuania.
Hyman immigrated to the USA in 1898 under the name of Chiam KRAWZINSKI.
He was born in 1868 and was a tailor.
I have traced Hymans descendants and have ascertained that Hyman was a
cousin not a brother to my grandfather Abraham Kraft. [Hyman had a
brother Araham CRAFT [KRAWZINSKI],a tailor b. 1880.]
I have found Abraham Craft's descendants in London England.
The father of both Hyman Kraft and Abraham Craft was named David.[ As
stated on their grave stones]

I believe that David KRAWZINSKI and my great-grandfather Anshul KRAVCHUK
were brothers but I have no proof of this.

Any help in solving this would be most appreciated

Thanks and all the best

Bob Kraft
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