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dennis gries

On May 3, Ellen Moshenberg wrote:

"My great grandmother Katherine (Traum) Ravitz was born in Frysstak,
Austria. It turns out there are now 2 towns with that name which I
found in the JewishGen Gazetteer, one in Poland and the other in
the Czech Republic plus possibly one in Russia. Does anyone have
any ideas which one. The interesting thing is that the first two
are relatively close to each other."

She also referenced Tarnow and Szczuczn among other places.

There have been some responses.

Since I have definite ancestry >from Frysztak (and Tarnow and Szczuczn
or variant), I wish to offer some comments:

1. The only listing in WOWW is "Frysztak (Fristik), 84 km W. of
Przemysl (49'50"/21'37"). This town is sited (and cited) by WOWW
to 12 reference sources.

2. The F localization just preceding could be improved by saying it
is perhaps 25 km north of Krosno, or, looking at the road E40 between
Tarnow east to Rzeszow, about 15-20km south of the halfway point.

3. This is north of the former Czechoslavia, but now about the
present Slovakia Republic.

4. Siblings of my mother were born in that town, and I have other
documentsthat localize the parents of their father to that town,
i.e. died there.
The family name there was NEUBARTH (var without the H).

For Ellen, using the Polish search engine, I find

Nowy Sacz PSA Births 1854,78-80,90-92,1894-1905
Marriages 1882,84,1887-1905 Deaths 1882-1900,1903
Krakow Wojewodztwa / Krakow Province
(records in Fond 494 in Krakow Archive)

Surname Givenname Year Type Akt Page Sex Age Townborn Living Father
Fathersurn Mother Mothersurn Spouse Spousesurn Event Comments
TRAUM f EISENBACH Moses Majer 1905 M 40 M 25 y. Frysztak

Please note the surname Traum and the place Frysztak
(and Nowy Sacz, which is quite close by.)

So, I really believe that the town location in WOWW is the right one
for Ellen.

Hope this helps. I'm looking to read more.

dennis gries
Sarasota FL USA

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