Jacob MILNER/WOLKOVSKY Immigration to US ~1907 #general

Arnon Hershkovitz

Hello, Dear Colleage JGeneers!

Of the WOLKOVSKY/WOLKOFSKY family, this one is another great
mystery... After many attempts to resolve it by myself, I'm writing
you now, kindly asking for some help.

Jacob MILNER was born on 3 May 1885 (based on his WWI Draft Card),
immigrated to the US around 1907-1909 (based on his US Censuses).

He was living in the States in 1910, first in Chicago (with family),
then in 1911 got married in Philadelphia, PA (to Sara nee BERKOWITZ)
and they lived there until their deaths (Sarah in 1940, Jacob in
1953). I have all the information I need about him starting >from the
1910 Census, including being in touch with his descendants who know no
more than I do.

Jacob is "suspected" as being my great-grandmother's youngest brother,
hence born to Haim Leib and Tzina WOLKOVSKY/WOLKOFSKY, probably in
Galati, Romania. He might have changed his surname to MILNER before or
after immigrating, and I've been looking for his immigration record in
order to proof his connection to the family (hopefully, he'll either
appear as a WOLKOVSKY or will appear as a MILNER with a WOLKOVSKY
relative mentioned).

Any help with locating Jacob MILNER/WOLKOVSKY's Immigration Record
would be much appreciated.

Arnon Hershkovitz
Shrewsbury, MA

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