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Saul Issroff

Aliyah Bet & Machal Virtual Museum: North American Volunteers In Israel's War of

Machal, the Hebrew acronym for mitnadvei chutz l'aretz "volunteers >from abroad."

Aliyah Bet volunteers smuggled Holocaust Survivors through the British Blockade to
Palestine and later Israel. Many fought on in the Israeli War of Independence.

This has the history and most of the names of the approximately 1,500 American and
Canadian men and women, including Jews and Christians, who volunteered >from 1946 to

The virtual museum is sponsored by American Veterans of Israel, the organization of
Aliyah Bet and Machal veterans in the United States and Canada. It draws upon the
Aliyah Bet and Machal Archives in the University of Florida Libraries, and also
upon the Museum of American and Canadian Volunteers in Israel's War of Independence
located in the University of Florida Hillel, Gainesville, Florida.

Names database:

Also see: - Web site that presents a booklet Machal,
Overseas Volunteers in Israel's War of Independence, originally published in 2003
by the Israel Ministry of education. This booklet deals with the larger picture of
the 3,500 Machal volunteers >from more than 40 countries. Over 900 came >from South
Africa and about 600 >from the United Kingdom. - Listing and
photos of Aliyah ships that sailed between 1945 and 1948, with dates and ports of
departure, number of passengers, and final disposition of ship.

Saul Issroff

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