Born in the USA, but naturalized? #general


Dear Genners:

I have a cousin Lena RUDY who was born in Connecticut, USA in 1893. Her maiden name
was MEDIN (shortened >from MEDINCOVICH). While researching the family I came across
some naturalization documents for Lena. On the card, in the field labeled Country
of Birth or Allegiance it says "USA Rep. Amer.".

Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what this means? Did she renounce her
American citizenship and have to be repatriated? Is that what Rep. Amer. means?
Her parents were immigrants but Lena and all of her siblings were born in America
and I have no record of them leaving the country. Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help.

Jeri Solomon
Oregon, USA

Researching SOLOMOWITZ/SOLOMON >from Romania; KAZDOY, PELLACH, and
DUBINSKI >from Ukraine; JACOBSON >from Lithuania.

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