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Lisa Grayson <lisa@...>

Todd, the Paris City Hall online civil registry office is pretty easy to
navigate even if you don't read French:
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Section 1 asks for place and date. The "Mairie d'arrondissement" you want
is Paris 3ème. The date is easy: 01/01/1920.
Click the "etape suivante" button next, and enter your father's last name,
first name, and sex, then click "etape suivante."

The next page asks what kind of record you want; I'm guessing that you'd
like option #2, which is a copy of the record including the names of your
paternal grandparents and any other civil records for your father. Click
"etape suivante" when done.

The next page asks for those names (including your grandmother's maiden
name) if you know them; if you don't, you can leave them blank. Click
"etape suivante" when done.

The following page asks for your names and address, including your country
(Pays) and state (Province). After clicking "etape suivante" again, you'll
be asked for your phone number and e-mail address, your relationship to the
subject of your request ("Vous êtes"; you want the fifth option ("Son
fils...", i.e., his son) and the reason for your request (généalogie).

One more ""etape suivante" click will get you to the confirmation page. If
everything looks OK, click "etape suivante" again and pay for your order.

Bonne chance!

Lisa Grayson
Chicago, Illinois USA

On May 20, 2012, at 1:04 AM, Todd Lerner wrote:
I am trying to find my father's birth certificate. He was born in Paris, France
on Jan 1, 1920. I do not have an address for the family. I have been told to
search the 3rd Arrondissement as this is where the majority of the Jewish
populace lived in Paris. My grandfather worked for the Rothschild Family as a
tailor. I have tried but no success as of yet. Any suggestions?

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