Re: Looking For The Village Of Amelnick In Galicia #general

Layne <lonufer@...>

Dear Genners:
Recently I finally found my grandmother's village. I was told she was from
Poland and that's true after WWI, but when she was born, the area was
Galicia. Now that I've finally found the name of the village, Amelnick, I
cannot find where it is located within Galicia. Any suggestions would be
Layne Onufer
Huntington Beach, CA

Researching BEKER/BECKER in Mogielnica, Nowy Korczyn and Pacanow, Poland;
GOGEL Warsaw and Amelnik, Galicia; MILIONSTCHIK/MILLER and GOLDBERG in
Siauliai,Lithuania; KRAKOWSKY in Koshevata, Ukraine; COHEN Boguslav,
Ukraine; Fuks in Nowy Korczyn, Anelowicz Mognielnica;

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