Re: Seeking Information about Unusual First name in Polish Document #general

Layne <lonufer@...>

My father's Hebrew name is Chanine and as a consequence so is my son's.
I've found this name to be one of the most difficult first names to locate.
In the above spelling, Chanine, it is on JewishGen, but not before you pass
through many female responses in the Jewish Given Names Database. I know
you believe your spelling is correct and I believe you do have a version of
the spelling. It reminds me of Hanukah and Chanukah. Both spellings are
acceptable. I've been told that's it's one of the oldest Hebrew names and
in religious communities, this name garners great respect.
Thank you for inquiring about the name Chanine. I've been meaning to ask
Jewish Gen the following question. My great great grand father's Hebrew name
is Chanine. He was born in Poland, but there are very few Chanines in the
entire JRI Poland database. I've been told his secular name was Tannum. I
can find no Tannum's in JRI Poland. Some have suggest Tanoch. What is the
relationship between Tannum and Chanine or between Tanoch and Chanine. Is
there another given name I could be looking for.

Layne Onufer
Huntington Beach, CA

Researching BEKER/BECKER in Mogielnica, Nowy Korczyn and Pacanow, Poland;
GOGEL Warsaw and Amelnik, Galicia; MILIONSTCHIK/MILLER and GOLDBERG in
Siauliai,Lithuania; KRAKOWSKY in Koshevata, Ukraine; COHEN Boguslav,
Ukraine; Fuks in Nowy Korczyn, Anelowicz Mognielnica;

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