Lillian Katz in NY circa 1940 #general

A. E. Jordan

I have a long time stumper on my tree and I need some new inspiration to
finding the answer.

In his will in 1941 my great grandfather (Jacob Joseph) leaves money to his
niece Lillian Katz. No one in the family remembers any details on Lillian
other than some vague remember of a sister (of Joseph) or maybe her
daughter living in the Bronx and being possibly a seamstress.

I had hoped it would become apparent in the 1940 Census but so far I am
seeing nothing there to solve this mystery.

I need some inspiration to figure out how to sort out this sister and her
family. Jacob was born in Austria circa 1866 the son of Joshua Selig
Joseph and Gussie Schwartz Joseph. Jacob say he immigrated to the USA in
1887 and I pick up his paper trail with his naturalization in 1892 in New

In the late 1880s he is living on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and
marries Theresia Lubasch in 1891. They lived in Hoboken and later Jersey
City, New Jersey and I know their details.

Jacob Joseph had a brother Israel Joseph born circa 1868 and who was
married in New York in 1897. I know Israel's details too. He lived
in Jersey City, New Jersey and died in 1918.

No where in any of the family papers do I find anything about Jacob and
Israel's sister. Any ideas on how to find this mystery sister and her
family? I don't know if Katz is her married name or the daughter's married
name or even what the sister's first name is.


Allan Jordan

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