Information on Cousins in Bronx Orphanages: 1940 #general

Meron Lavie

With the availability of the index for the 1940 census, I finally managed to
locate 2 long lost 2nd cousins whose existence had only been "rumored". So
now I know where they were in 1940.

One was born in 1935, and was at the Shield of David Home for Orphan Girls
Her sister was born in 1938, and was at the Home for Hebrew Infants (Bronx).

This is the first time I've had to deal with searching for relatives who
were in an orphanage or put up for adoption.

My questions:
1. What kinds of records are available?
2. Do I have any chance of getting their records either at the orphanages,
or their official adoption records?
3. The 5 year old, if not already adopted, would have entered first grade
the following year. Is there any way of knowing where she studied and get
any records >from that school?
4. Is there any registry of adopted children looking for their birth
5. Are there any other tips that my fellow JewishGenners have to offer?
As stated, this is the first time I've ever searched for biological
records who were (presumably) adopted.

TIA fo any help

Oranit, Israel

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