Re Seeking Information about Unusual First name in Polish Document #general

Avrohom Krauss

Layne Onufer wrote:
My father's Hebrew name is Chanine and as a consequence so is my son's.
I've found this name to be one of the most difficult first names to locate.
In the above spelling, Chanine, it is on JewishGen, but not before you pass
through many female responses in the Jewish Given Names Database. I know
you believe your spelling is correct and I believe you do have a version of
the spelling....

The recent discussion on the digest was regarding the Hebrew name "Chanaya."
It is spelled, chet, nun, nun, yud ending with heh. It should not be confused
with the more common (amongst Ashkenazim) Aramaic name "Chanina" (which seems
to be the one mentioned above)." Chanina is spelled chet, nun, yud ending with
aleph. These two names are also pronounced differently. Another different name
mentioned earlier in the thread was "Chanan." This name, although with same root,
is used today as an independent name, but was generally not used amongst
Askenazim as such until recent times. "Chanan", with Ashkenazic pronunciation
"Chonon/Chonen" was used by Yiddish speakers as a truncated form of the Hebrew
name Elchanan

Avrohom Krauss

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