Hungarian birth cert. 1914 #general

Mary K

I am trying to find my mother's birth certificate if there was ever one? She was
from Totkomlos and I have contacted the Office there only to be told that they have
no record of the notice on the date I gave. But a fellow sigger has found that my
mum's name is listed in a document as being born in Vegegyhaza....this is a village
as i is this where the notice would be registered given the family
lived in Totkomlos for years? Mum always said that she was born in Totkomlos...but
the date could well be wrong. I am finding it hard on any Hungarian website / find if Vegegyhaza has a mayoral office as in Totkomlos.where do I go
from here?. I sadly do not speak the language so it is harder even using a
transalation site on the net...thanks for any help
Melb., Australia

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