Viewmate 23190 - dechypering handwriting - make it is Poland? #general

A. E. Jordan

I really need some hardwiring help and especially people who have some idea of
Poland, German, Galacia towns and fancy script >from 1891.

I posted this conundrum the other day and it started a debate but no one has solved
where is this man from. So now I revised my Viewmate to put the full page up to
provide better handwriting examples.

Israel JOSEPH came to the USA in 1891 and I have both his Hamburg and New York
passenger lists and the town looks like "Sidiken" and the country appears to be
Poland. Where's that?

The debate starts on VM 23164 which is an except of the Hamburg list and VM 23165
is the US list. Now I posted
which is the entire page.

Some people you will see suggested the first letter is an "L" not an "S" but when
you look at other lettering on the page you will see the handwriting is very close
between the letters but if you go up five lines and look at the city that looks
like a clear "L" and go to the names and look 6 and 7 lines above Israel Joseph
and you will see clear examples of the "L" and "S" in the handwriting.

Israel Joseph is the very last line on the page.

Please, everyone take a look and try to read the handwriting and try and solve
where is he from.

Thank you.

Allan Jordan

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