Synagogue plans 1856 #general


On the recent occasion of celebrating Rabbi Allan Smith's 40 years of leadership
at Congregation Beth Israel in Honesdale. Pennsylvania, I did some research
reading through the congregation minutes >from 1849-1900. In the minutes they
mention that the building plans were drawn up by "Sengvin". I see no other mention
of that name as being a member of the congregation.

A few years ago the Philadelphia Inquirer did an article about a very old synagogue
that is no longer in use in south-central New Jersey and it looked like a duplicate
of the one in Honesdale. Does anyone know anything about this "Sengvin". person?
Were there plans drawn up as standards for Jewish congregations?

Liza Roos Lucy
Honesdale, PA

ROOS (Lichtenau), MILLHAUSER (Krumbach), KATZ (Niedermittlau)

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