ViewMate Translation Request -- Romanian military document #general

G Sles

Greetings JGenners,

I'd appreciate a direct translation of the handwritten sections of my ggf Yancu
(Jacob) SOLOMON's Romanian military document >from the 1890s.

Here's the upper part of the document:
- Please include the preprinted words in the sections containing handwriting, as
I'm interested in the personal details and context.
- Ignore the preprinted paragraphs in small print below the handwritten sections.
- Question: Jacob's father was Herscu, but who or what was Minerve?

Here's the lower half of the document, the part that has three circular seals
stamped on it:

'Can't wait to find out if Jacob actually served in the army, or if he was in the
reserves, or if this was just a registration form that he had to keep updated. He
later served as a civilian with the British Army during the Boer War in South
Africa...and that's a whole 'nother story!

Please reply via ViewMate or privately.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Gay Slesinger
North Carolina, USA

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