Re: Katherina as a Jewish First Name in Russia #general

Isabel Cymerman

Dear All,

Meron Lavie asks if Katherina was not a name used by Jews in 19th C.
Russia. My grandmother's official name was Leokadja. She was born in Siedlce
in 1887 to an obviously assimilated family. But everyone called her Liba.
If I'm not mistaken, Leokadja was the name of a Polish saint. So the
answer is, Yes and No!

Isabel Cymerman
Roxbury, CT

Searching for:
CYMERMAN - Przedborz; DRONZNIK - Vilna; GRYNFARB - Siedlce; GRYNBERG - Siedlce;
KHELEMSKI - Przedborz; LANSKI/LENSKI - Przedborz; LUBELCZYK - Siedlce;
SAPOZHNIK - Vilna; TABACZNIK - Vilna; WYSZINSKI - Przedborz; ZABAWNY - Siedlce;
ZIELONAFARB - Siedlce; ZYSKIND - Przedborz

Original question:
From: Meron Lavie <lavie@...>
I had a gg-grandmother named Katherina, >from Russia or Podolia I believe. I
know that she was orthodox.
It was always my understanding that Katherina was not a name used by Jews.
Has anyone ever run into this name before for a woman in 19th century

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