Re: 1940 Census questions #general

Paul Silverstone

Try looking up the family with the first names only (i.e. husband &
wife) as you know the location.
That is how I found my family as they had the surname misspelled.

Paul Silverstone

On 6/19/2012 10:52 PM, Jeff Miller wrote:
I have found two separate issues that I need guidance on.

First, in the Brooklyn, NY entries, I find a strange circumstance where on
two different pages I find different families living at what appears to be
the same address...

So I wonder whether there were duplicate addresses in Brooklyn at the time,
or what other explanation would there be?

My second question concerns the recent announcement that Oklahoma is now
searchable by name for the 1940 Census.

I tried going to the
site to search Oklahoma by name (actually, to help a friend do a search by
name) and it comes up with images by county.

To do a name search, I find I had to go to the "standard" familysearch
search box at, enter the desired name, and then specify date range 1940
to 1940, and then keep narrowing down the resultant records to arrive at my
desired answer.

Am I missing something on the 1940 Census site that would allow one to
search directly by name the newly indexed Oklahoma records?

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