Kubashki/Kubashka from Russia Poland Now living In Israel #general

Joseph Fibel

I am the family historian for the Gradzanowsky family which derives
from the community of Radzanow N. N. W. of Warsaw, currently in Poland
but before W W I I in Russia Poland or Congress Poland (actually
Russia) I believe that there is only one family with this name.

Channah Gradzanowska was one of the six children of Abraham Laib
Gradzanowsky and Perl Rosenwaks. On July 5th. 1884, Channah
Gradzanowska, 20 years old married Mordechai Yosef Kubashki, 19 years
old in Radzanow, in the Province of Scieps

The groom was the son of Yakov Wulf Kubashki and Genia Kraichak.

This couple had the following children, :Eliyahu, Ester, Henoch, Perl,
Tsura Gitl, Abraham Laib , Yachael Meyer, Morris Kahn, & Paul.

Paul and Morris (he changed his name to Kahn) came to the United States
and I am very familiar with their families. I believe that the other
siblings were able to get to Israel. My father in law, David Garber, on
a visit to Israel visited this family on an Orthodox Kibbutz in the 1950's

For some reason, they had an argument and neither branch has heard
from each since then.
I have had friends and Israeli family members check the Israeli phone
books and there appear to be no Kubashkia/Kubashkas in Israel

In 1947, in an Israeli name change list, Yakov Kubashka (following
Russian naming patters, he probably should have been Kubashki not
Kubashka) changed his name to Yakov HaLevy. Does anyone know this
probably very observant Israeli family?

Joe Fibel
New Rochelle, NY

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