Norman HOROWITZ #general


Hello all,

Thanks to the help of Renee Steinig and Barbara Zimmer, I was able to
locate the 1940 US Census address for my great Aunt, Gussie RUDERMAN and
some of her children, including Sadie and Joseph Horowitz and their son,

The Norman HOROWITZ I am looking for was born approximately 1933 (he was
7 in 1940). There doesn't appear to be an SSI Death Certificate for Norman
Horowitz of this age. With the commonality of the name, does anyone have
any suggestions as to how to proceed in finding him?

I am looking for him, siblings and knowledge of the other descendants of
Harry and Gussie Shapiro RUDERMAN.

I appreciate any help.

Many thanks.

Liz Ruderman Miller
Arroyo Grande, CA

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