Helen PIASETSKY arrival #general

Paul Silverstone

During the 1930s, Helen PIASETSKY, daughter of my grandfather's sister,
visited New York >from China, and stayed with relatives in Brooklyn.
She preferred China, and returned there before the outbreak of war.

She was born in 1914 in Makow, Poland. In Shanghai she married Henry
GARBATY, and they had a daughter Evelyn who was born in 1940.

The Garbaty family arrived in San Francisco in 1947 as stateless persons.
My problem is that I can find no record of her arriving in the US in the
1930s. I have looked at passenger lists on the West coast. I would
appreciate suggestions as to where else I might look.

She was the daughter of Moses Piasetsky and Eva Chrzan who left Makow,
after WWI, and went to Harbin during the 1920s with their family.

Paul Silverstone
New York
please reply to paulh@aya.yale.edu

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