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Cyndi Norwitz

I'll be in Boston next month and would love advice on places to visit for
genealogical interest. I was born there and lived there as an adult but
wasn't doing genealogy then.

My maternal grandparents and my young mother moved to Boston in 1940, a few
months after immigrating >from Hungary. Various other cousins lived there
with or near them, but no one was there before 1940, as far as I know. I
don't think any of them were ever affiliated with a synagogue, though I
might be surprised. Both my parents and a cousin went to MIT, as did I, so
I have access to alumni info, though I haven't looked much up yet. My
grandfather was a surgeon at Brookline General Hospital (or a similar name).

I am already planning a trip to the NARA facility in Waltham.

I have nearly all the petition numbers and dates for naturalizations done
in that court. They have some other records as well which I will look into.

My great grandmother (arrived 1947 and died nearly immediately) and my
grandmother are the only two family members I know of buried there and I
have both cemeteries and lot numbers ready for visits.

I'll swing by the Brookline house where my mom grew up.

There are a couple vital records I would like (my grandmother's death
certificate) but I have most. Should I go to Brookline town hall? Or is
there a better location? She died in 1974? what docs do I need to get her cert?

Is there anything of use in the public library?

Is there a Jewish historical center?

Any other suggestions?

It's been 17 years since I was there last, so I'm really looking forward to it.


Cyndi Norwitz
Petaluma, California

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