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I'm helping my neighbor and friend, Boris Gurevich, to find his relatives in US.
He and his parents and gp were all born in Ukraine. I didn't get yet all
the dates, will post them later.

His late mother's maiden name:
Sonia SONKIN - was born in shtetl Petrovichi, Smolensk region, around 1923.
It was Belarus, then changed to Ukraine? and so forth.
Her father's name was Boruch (Boris), mother - Esfir or Esther.
Her grandfather was a Rabbi, named possibly David.

During 1917 revolution, the GP moved half of his children to US, and came
back to Ukraine.

When the germans occupied Petrovichi, Sonia SONKIN, with her parents and
two sisters were taken by the germans to be shot. Only Sonia managed to
escape, joined one the most famous partisan groups under the the command
of Fedorov, fought all the years, and received numerous medals for bravery.

After the war she married Boris Gurevich' father - Itzhak GUREVICH, also
from Petrovichi. Itzhak Gurevich was a military man all his life, and
served in MVD forces. Because of that nobody knew about her relatives in US.

Thank you,
Zalman Lazkowicz

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